Saturday 5th October 2019

Sacconi String Quartet

Rachmaninov - Romance

Helen Grime - String Quartet

Beethoven Quartet in Fminor Op.95 'Serioso'

Mendelssohn Quartet No.1 Op.12


The name Sacconi Quartet comes from the outstanding twentieth-century Italian luthier and restorer Simone Sacconi, whose book The Secrets of Stradivari is considered an indispensable reference for violin makers. Ben Hancox plays an 18th century Italian violin on loan from an anonymous owner, and Hannah Dawson an unknown Italian from 1750.  Robin Ashwell plays a large Sacconi viola made in New York in 1934 and Cara Berridge a Nicolaus Gagliano cello from 1781, both generously on loan to them. Cara wishes to thank the Royal Society of Musicians, a charity which helps musicians in need, for the use of the cello.


The award-winning Sacconi Quartet is recognised for its unanimous and compelling ensemble, consistently communicating with a fresh and imaginative approach. Performing with style and commitment, the Quartet is known throughout the world for its creativity and integrity of interpretation. Formed in 2001, its four founder members continue to demonstrate a shared passion for string quartet repertoire, infectiously reaching out to audiences with their energy and enthusiasm. The Quartet have enjoyed a highly successful international career, performing regularly throughout Europe, at London’s major venues, in recordings and on radio broadcasts.